It’s time to expel Matt Gaetz.

Matt Gaetz should be expelled from the House of Representatives as he is under investigation for suspected sex trafficking of minors and illegal drug use. Florida must do everything in its power to ensure that there are no politicians who have been accused of such heinous crimes serving our interests in Congress, and we feel this is necessary in the case of Gaetz. No one deserves to be represented by Rep. Gaetz, and he should be expelled from Congress for gross misconduct.

Rep. Gaetz refuses to resign from his position, despite a mounting body of evidence proving his involvement in these acts. Members of Congress should be held accountable for their actions, just like everyone else. For too long, people in power have been allowed to escape their crimes with little to no punishment.

Congress and Speaker Pelosi must act against Rep. Gaetz’s alleged sex trafficking activities and expel him from office. There is no place for a man accused of such grave crimes in our government, especially when he has denied all allegations against him and refused to resign his position as a representative despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt. A man with such serious accusations cannot hold a position of power in our government as a nation.

Many lawmakers have not yet called for Gaetz’s expulsion; let’s continue to raise awareness until everyone realizes how serious these allegations are and agrees that something needs to be done. Every elected official should make public their opinion regarding Rep. Matt Gaetz’s alleged sex trafficking of minors. We elected urge officials who choose to do nothing to reconsider their decision before November 2022. Our representatives should hold themselves accountable at all times, and especially when there is overwhelming evidence pointing to gross misconduct. Elected officials may not want to risk criticism from supporters but remember: we pay your salaries with our taxes. Taking no action against a man accused of such horrific crimes against children shows a lack of concern for their welfare.

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