An open letter to touring agencies and music venues that support predators

CW: sexual and emotional abuse

In recent years, social media has brought sexual harassment in the music industry to light. In April 2021, allegations of sexual misconduct against Paul Klein were posted on social media. Since these allegations were made public, several others have come forward with similar claims. By continuing to support LANY’s actions and behavior, music venues, festivals, and brands are supporting predatory behavior against their young female fans, some of whom are underage.

CAA Touring Group and Creative Artists Agency should remove Paul Klein from their rosters and cancel his upcoming world tour. Furthermore, they should issue public statements warning that artists who continue this behavior will suffer the consequences. Lastly, we want to hold festivals that host LANY accountable — not to endanger thousands of underage girls.

Klein’s alleged behavior is not a one-off but continues to be a pattern for years. His social media accounts show that he has a history of making inappropriate comments and advances toward young girls at his concerts. In addition to being accused of making inappropriate or objectifying comments about women’s bodies, he has also been accused of sexual and emotional abuse.

Since these allegations were brought forward, neither management companies nor promoters have released any official statements. However, what’s known is how many powerful voices have spoken up in support of Klein’s accusers, which speaks volumes about who doesn’t want perpetrators held accountable.

The pressure must be put on organizations that support known predators and demand better protection for young women.

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