Fight Rising Health Care Costs in Arizona

Those who want to contribute their voices to the conversation about how to make health care more affordable, accessible, and high-quality should sign this petition. Many Arizonans are finding it harder to pay their medical bills as the cost of health care rises every year. There are far too many people struggling with unpaid medical bills, and these financial hardships make it difficult for them to afford regular checkups and treatments that can prevent bigger health problems in the future.

Health care costs are increasing each year, and many voters say that they are struggling to pay their medical bills. The greatest concern among Arizonans is that they will not be able to afford being sick. In addition, they want lower deductibles, pricing transparency, and lower out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs. We are asking lawmakers in Arizona to act immediately by reducing premium costs and improving coverage for families in Arizona.

Arizona is one of the healthiest states, but its health care costs are among the highest in the nation. In 2017, Arizonans paid nearly 18 percent more for healthcare than residents of other states. Even those with insurance face high deductibles and co-pays, making medical care prohibitively expensive. Additionally, uninsured people, particularly immigrants who live here without authorization, report being unable to afford medical care. A better solution is needed to ensure access to affordable health care.

In order to achieve these results, drug companies must provide consumers with more transparency when it comes to their health care costs and cap out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, we want the Arizona government to have an incentive to negotiate lower prices with drug companies so more people can afford medication. Furthermore, we want legislation that provides resources for low-income people who struggle to pay their monthly bills. Resources could be provided through an assistance program or tax credits that would lower premiums and/or co-pays.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about medical bills until they face them firsthand. Many families today find it so difficult to pay their bills that they delay necessary medical treatment until they are forced to do so.

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